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Prior Approval for Tuition Reimbursement- Paraeducators

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Per the UPSEU/POSA Contract, this reimbursement is for employees enrolled in accredited trade or college programs relevant to elementary and secondary education only.  Please refer to the guidelines available on the Stamford Public Schools website --> Staff --> Current Employees --> Tuition Reimbursement 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to BOE Human Resources at or (203) 977-5903. 


Human Resources

Stamford Public Schools  

Article 17-P

"Employees who enroll in accredited trade or college programs relevant to elementary and secondary education as approved by the Executive Director of Human Resources in advance shall be reimbursed at seventy-five (75%) percent of the cost of tuition for one course if they obtain a C average or above or, if pass/fail course, a passing mark. 

The Board's maximum liability shall be five thousand ($5,000) per year for the bargaining unit.  

Reimbursement shall be paid by September 1 of the next school year, and such reimbursement may be reduced pro rata as necessary to stay within the $5,000 limit."

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